New bag of tricks

Since I was in a huge hurry to modify a Kylo Ren Black series helmet I did not take enough photos to do the mod justice, however, there are enough people out there who have done amazing mods and documented them properly that I would just be beating a cool horse. Instead, I want to do something that I have not seen a lot of, mechanize the face plate.

In addition to the mechanizing of the faceplate, I am also going to make improvements to the helmet.

• New helmet liner to improve the fit.
• Servo mechanism to open and close the faceplate.
• Fans to control temperature.
• Internal temperature sensor with a TMP36 temperature sensor
• New voice modulator.
• New paint to help improve traction for the hood, it keeps sliding off.
• Clean up and improve the edges of the fiberglass.
• Add more detail to the outer covering, better scratches and definition.

• Fiberglass and resin.
• Foam fabric.
• Paint.

• New voice modulator based on the ### voice modulator IC.
• Adafruit Trinket, this will control the voice modulator and opening/closing of the faceplate, monitor internal temperature to control the fan.
• Speaker.
• 2 helmet fans.
• Stripped down cellphone charger for the power supply.
• Misc. wires and connectors.



At around one hour and twenty-six minutes into The Force Awakens, Kylo takes his helmet off, he places a hand on each side of the helmet then the front face plate moves up and he lifts the helmet off of his head. It looked so cool to see the act of simply taking a helmet off taken embellished with the mechanical movement of the face plate. Not that it really made sense, it really does not have to, but it looked cool. I found this video on YouTube,, and I watched it frame by frame, over and over again. I noticed that you can see part of the mechanism that lifts the faceplate up.