Making is a drive, a drive that at times consumes me. I must make something, anything, even if it is just making a LED turn on and off with an Arduino. Making is in my blood, my grandfather had it, my father has it and I have it. I have been a maker since I was a kid building Sci-Fi vehicles in my bedroom out of whatever I could find. Once in a while I would get a plastic model for my birthday or Christmas, I would build them as fast as I could so that I could play with them. When I became a teenager my making evolved in the form of wood, plastic and metal pieces. My tools were simple, hand drills and hack saws. I would stay up late into the night working on my projects to the point that I would most time see the sun come up.

Also in my teenage years I discovered that I had a talent for drawing, I created art left and right in those years, mostly reproductions of art that I really wanted on my wall but could not afford to purchase. Artists like Andy Warhol, Patrick Nagel, Dennis Mukai, and the artists of Heavy Metal magazine inspired me to recreate their work.

As a maker, I have had to create in a variety of spaces. I have had a garage, a workshop, craft room, but mostly I have had to build my creations in an apartment. For the last few years I have lived in an apartment, it is a nice size apartment for living, but not really ideal for creating, but I have learned how to utilize the space that I have to work with, and in this space I have created some fun things.

My build interests are varied, I work with plastics, metals, wood, composites, glass, silicon and paper. Not all of these materials are easy to work with in a small space, well at least not at the scale that I sometimes work in. Where I live, there are no Maker spaces, renting a place just for building things is expensive.