You may have noticed Ray wearing a device on his belt when he is battling it out with some pretty pesky poltergeists, but do you know what it is? What is is made from? What is actually does? Actually I have no clue what it does so let’s tackle the other ones.

Fans call it the belt “gizmo” because as far as anyone outside of the production knows, it has no real name. It was made from a Sanyo Calculator model ICC-808D. The effects team used the circuit board and the Numitron displays tubes and placed it inside a leather measuring tape belt holder. They also attached one end of a telephone handset cord, you know the coiled cord that always got tangled, and the other end to a custom made circuit board that is attached to the belt with a simple belt clip.

For this project, I am going to create a slightly smaller scale version for a child Halloween costume. I will include the adult and child files since the process will be the same.

Since actual Numitron tubes are made of glass, I will be creating my own out of plastic test tubes and bits of wire. If you wish to use actual Numitron tubes, you can purchase some on Amazon here.